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League age is determined by the player's age on April 30 of the calendar year.

What is the typical baseball timeline for the year?

What equipment does my child need?

Your registration fees for the regular season includes a baseball cap and baseball jersey that your child keeps at the end of the season.

You will need to supply baseball pants, belt and socks (please confirm with your team manager for color preferences).  Players will need their own baseball glove, batting helmet, baseball bat, athletic cup (for boys) and baseball or soccer non-metal cleats. 

Additional suggested items: Baseball bag for storing gear, water bottle, batting gloves, and sunscreen.

Please write your child's name on ALL of their gear.  This makes it easy to return items left behind.

I lost/found something at the park.  What should I do?

Contact CPE office or visit the Snack Bar's Lost and Found box.

Does Frontier Youth Baseball own the fields?

No.  The City of Cerritos allocates field days and times for Frontier to use during the Spring and Fall season.  All unathorized usage of the city fields for team practices will result in a monetary fine levied by the City of Cerritos.



What documentation is needed for registration?

During the player evaluation day held in January, age verification is performed for every player. A physical copy of the player's birth certificate or passport will be reviewed by a FYBL Board member.  FYBL does not retain any copies of the player's birth certificates.

How are registration fees used?

FYBL is a 100% non-profit volunteer driven organization.  Our budget includes expenses for uniforms, equipment, field improvements, field maintenance, insurance, umpires, trophies, yearbooks, coach training, volunteer training, background checks, snack bar mainenance, website maintenance and administrative expenses.  The registration fees are reviewed yearly by the Board to adjust for rising costs.

Do you offer early registration?

Yes.  A monetary discount is applied to your registration during the early registration period.

Do you support a payment plan?

Yes.  However, the registration fee must be paid in full before the last day of the given registration period.

Are there hidden expenses required in addition to the registration fees?

No.  The registration fee covers all player expenses for the season.  Your child will not be asked to sell any fundraiser products.


How are games and practices scheduled?

Game and practice times are determined by the following: scheduling agreements with neighboring leagues, field allocations given to us by the City of Cerritos and team Manager preferences.

When are games cancelled?

Games are cancelled when the playing fields are unsafe for play due to weather.  Games may also be cancelled if a team forfeits.

Will cancelled games be rescheduled?

In the Spring, all intraleague games will be rescheduled.  Interleague games will be TBD depending on the schedules with the surrounding baseball leagues.

In the Fall, no games are rescheduled.

Why are games still played on hot days?

The league closely monitors the weather for the safety of our players. Rather than canceling games on days with high temperatures, we send email reminders to all members highlighting the importance of hydration and keeping cool.  We also talk to all our Managers to take into account the heat by possibly shortening games, allowing for more additional water breaks, etc.  On days where an official high heat advisory is issued for our area, we may cancel games.

Can teams schedule ad-hoc team practices using the City of Cerritos fields?

No, unless approved by the scheduling director.  All unathorized usage of the city fields for team practices will result in a monetary fine levied by the City of Cerritos.  Teams in violation are responsible for paying the fine.

Teams are encouraged to set up team practices at the local batting cages or facilities outside of the allocated practice schedule.


Can I request for my child to be placed on a specific team?

Yes for T-Ball and Rookie. Accommodations will try to be made.

No for Divisions "A" and above.  Players are drafted onto teams.

I have multiple children playing in the same division.  Will they be on the same team?


Does my child need to participate in player evaluations?

All players entering Divisions "A" and above are required to participate in the player evaluations. Players in T-Ball and Rookie Divisions do not participate in player evaluations and will be placed on teams by the Player Agent.

How are players drafted?

Players in A division and above are given a ranking based on their performance during the skill evaluations.  On draft day, moderators use these rankings to promote even parity as managers build their teams.  The rankings are not disclosed to parents or players.

How are managers and assistants selected?

Managers and assistant coaches must submit a coaching application, pass a background check and be approved by the FYBL Board.

If I have an issue with my child's manager, what should I do?

Speak with the manager OFF THE FIELD about your concerns. 99% of the time this will take care of the issue. Please do not try to discuss issues with a manager before, during or right after a game. If you still are not satisfied, your next contact would be the Division Director for your division. If you feel the issue is critical, you are always free to contact the Vice President or the President directly.

Who are allowed to be on the field or in the dugout during games?

Only the team manager, team assistant coaches, team parents and team dugout parents are allowed.  Parents in these positions have been background checked.

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Frontier Youth Baseball Legaue

P.O. Box 4736 
Cerritos, California 90703

Phone: 562-295-8102
Email: [email protected]

Frontier Youth Baseball Legaue

P.O. Box 4736 
Cerritos, California 90703

Phone: 562-295-8102
Email: [email protected]
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