Frontier Youth Baseball League is located in Cerritos, California and is dedicated to providing our players a fun learning experience; while teaching the fundamental physical and mental skills associated with the game of baseball, promoting respect.

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IMPORTANT Reminders / Introduction
by posted 02/19/2020

Good morning Frontier families,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Lizbeth Konyalian and my son Anthony Konyalian is a 2nd year member to baseball and the Frontier family.  I have recently signed up to be the Dodgers’ team parent; therefore, I will be one of your go-to people for team information, fundraisers, team needs and other great events.  I recently attended the first team parent meeting where several matters were addressed.


1.      Parent Participation Points Program - 2 points per child in the league...maximum of 4 points for 2 or more children in the league

- Points are earned when certain duties are completed by an 18 and older person.

2.       Positions            

-Field Maintenance – two parents needed…Value 1 point (prep field for at home games)

                *There will be a Field Maintenance Clinic Training on Feb 22, 2020, @ 9:30 am CPE

 -Dugout Parent - 1 point (keeping players in batting order, maintaining appropriate behavior in the dugout)...this position requires a background check...the background document can be found on the website:

                        * under the 'Parent' tab as Guides and Forms. Once you fill it out...take a picture of it along with your photo ID and sent it Danny Morales' email...

Once this has been done...please shoot me an email/text (714-365-5881) so that I can also have a record of positions being filled.

*There will be a Score Keeping Clinic Training on Feb 26, 2020, @ 6:30 pm CPE 

        -Snack Bar - 1 point (3.5-hour shift)  Parents will prepare food items on the menu (including barbequing), handle money, and clean up as needed...sign-ups are now open on the website until March 5...if parents are not signed up by Mar. 5 checks will be cashed (NO EXCEPTIONS).  Please sign up by the due date… preferably sooner!  Please let me know as well so that I can turn in my paperwork on time.

3.       Banners/Pennants and Dugout containers

        -This will be my duty to complete…I will be designing and ordering our pennants along with buying and labeling our dugout containers!  I will need $20 dollars for each players’ parent.  If any money is left over, I will save it and use for other team needs.  I prefer to collect money via Venmo, Zelle or cash...thank you in advance.

4.       Opening Day - Saturday, March 7 at Cerritos Park East @ 10 am

        -This is a great opportunity for all of us to get to know each other and have the kids play and mingle.  I’m still debating what to organize for this day…but I was thinking maybe all of us pitching in for pizza or maybe potluck style…Not sure, if you guys have any ideas please let me know and I can organize it…Thank you!

                        *We have a game this day as well @ 2:15 pm…maybe we can do our Meet and Mingle before our game!

5.       Picture Day - please note that picture day is Tentatively scheduled, Saturday, March 21...time TBD...I will help keep you soon as I know anything I will send out an email...order forms will be made available the day of or a few days prior...

  1.        Merchandise Catalog - Don't forget to gear up for the soon as the catalog is available, I will inform you…please note this a great way to help support our team, the kids and the league...

7.DODGER GAME FUNDRAISER – Many of you may be familiar with this great event…this event will not only be fun for the kids but for parents as family and friends will be attending this awesome event and it would be very special if we could as the Dodgers hang out together and enjoy a great day of baseball.  This will also be a great opportunity to help the league out by participating in a fundraiser.  Tickets need to be purchased by Mar. 12th...I will be collecting money, via VENMO, Zelle or cash.

****Tickets are limited so please place your orders within the due date so that you all don't miss out!


I am very excited to be taking on this position...I will be working very hard to help make this season a very special

one for the kids and parents...if you have any questions or concerns I will be available via email, text, or phone call,

so please don't hesitate to contact me…I will be more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns

you may have. 


I am extremely motivated to make this a great, fun and especially memorable season.  I look forward to meeting you

all and getting to know each other. 


email -

number - 714-365-5881


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