Frontier Youth Baseball League is located in Cerritos, California and is dedicated to providing our players a fun learning experience; while teaching the fundamental physical and mental skills associated with the game of baseball, promoting respect.

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Important Info - Babe Ruth White Sox
by posted 02/20/2020

Good morning Majors White Sox families,

Coach said he needed someone to help and be team mom so I said I'd help! I'm Allison, and my son's name is Samuel. You can usually find me running around like a crazy lady trying to get one of my kids to practice ;) If you have any questions please feel free to approach me or contact me at 562-841-7483 or 

Opening day is almost here!, and I'm sure that all of you are as excited as I am to see the boys all dressed up. We all want this to be a fun, memorable and successful season for our kids, and the coaches are doing their part by volunteering their time to the boys. We can all do our part too, please read carefully the following information. 

League Points:

For each child in the league, a family must earn 2 participation points. I have the paperwork to share with you what exactly that means and I will bring it to practice tonight. There are a few options in which you can earn points. We are in URGENT  need of volunteers for scorekeeping(1 point) and field maintenance (1 point) for HOME games only. If you are interested in either one please let me know as soon as possible. If you want to but don't know how, there will be a class on how to score keep and another class on how to prep the field coming soon.  If you are planning for the buy out option, that is available as well (which wouldn't require any participation points). If you choose to work a snack bar shift, each shift amounts to one point please sign up online before March 8th, not doing so will result in your checks being cashed. If you have any questions please email me or call me.


The team decided upon white pants, white Sox and black belt!


I'm not planning to order these unless the rest of you really want them. The older boys last year didn't want them. Please let me know if you would like me to order them. They're usually $12-$15 apiece.

Opening Day:

This is an exciting event for the Frontier Families to attend. Opening Day is on March 7th at 10 AM at CPE - Field TBD. The players need to wear their uniforms and you may want to bring chairs and/or blankets for the event. We do not have our game schedule yet. I'll let you know when we do!


I don't have an exact day as to when we will be receiving the uniforms but I have been assured that it will be before the opening ceremony. You will be receiving a coupon soon for Dick's Sporting Goods valid this Saturday and Sunday 2/22, 2/23. In case you forgot something, now is the time!

Snack List:

After each game, the kids love to have a little bag of snack goodies. I am working on a snack schedule for everyone, and as soon as we get the game schedule, I'll send it out via email and bring a copy to practice.


Thank you all for you time and cooperation. 


See you at practice,


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Team Parent
by posted 02/18/2020

Hello White Sox,


There is a meeting tonight with the league at 6:30 pm.  If you'd like to be a team parent or you are just interested in what is going on with the league please attend!


If you'd like to be the team parent, your attendance is required.   Hope to see you all tonight at practice and or the meeting.  Best of luck


Coach Joe Glynn

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Practice Friday and Saturday
by posted 02/14/2020

So sorry for late notice, practice is canceled Friday and Saturday because many players will not be able to make it.  I sent this email the other day but I must of pressed wrong button.  Call or text if you have questions.   562 650 3351

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by posted 02/13/2020

Hello White Sox,


Many players will not beable to make it to practice Friday and Saturday so the coaches decided to cancel Friday and Saturday practice.  Sorry about the late notice.   Please give me a call or text if you have any questions.   562-650-3351

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